Whitey’s featured on Yelp!

Thanks you to Yelp, who included us in their recent write-up, 5 Dive Bars You Need To Know About. And thanks to Missy C. for giving us this glowing review:

Hands down, the best dive bar in Boston. If you want to spend a Saturday afternoon drinking dollar beers, playing darts, and eating Burger King with your buds, this is the place for you. 

Bring cash (no cards accepted) and a sharpie marker if you want to leave your mark on the place … try to think of something clever! But seriously, the staff is friendly and funny. Someone tried to sell us black market Alex & Ani bracelets… so if you’re in the market, bonus! 😉 

Love this spot – a true Boston classic.”

Only In Your State calls Whitey’s “One of the best in the country”

Only In Your State gave us a visit, and they really liked what they saw.

>Seriously, though, go check out Croke Park. It may be a dive bar, but there’s free pool, cheap drinks and you can bring your own food. Yes, for real. Their website actually suggests that you grab some Burger King grub across the street. It just goes to show you that sometimes all you need to be world-class is a good bunch of people, a welcoming atmosphere and maybe a little bit of gritty local flavor.

Esquire Magazine Declares Croke Park one of the best bars in America

Not even the best dive bars, but the best bars. Says Esquire’s David Wondrich,

I do my best to exercise good—okay, goodish—judgment when I’m touring barrooms, but every once in a while, a gear slips a tooth and dosages get miscalculated. Whitey’s is a slipped tooth, a place I was introduced to by some Boston bartenders. I have dim memories of having an excellent time—doing big shots of Irish whiskey, writing on the walls, rolling dice, joking around with the regulars.

We’d love to have you back, David! Read the read of his review here!

Another victory for our fearless bartender

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